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" I see how happy & content that both children are in their Pre-school. Given that both boys would generally be choosy in who they are happy with, this speaks volumes about how well the staff of Oasis are doing with regard to their care"
Mum of Two, Foxbury, Bettystown


"I am extremely happy with the standard of care & have really appreciated all of the kindness & flexibility that you (Oasis) have offered. I am already singing your praises to other parents and would personally recommend you to them any time - well done!!"
Mum, Mornington Manor, Mornington


"Having had my child in 2 other childcare centres, the greatest thing about Oasis is that I felt that they really cared about my child personally. This may be something to do with the fact that the centre is not part of a chain of crèches and that it is managed by Sharon & Sean who are always there. I would not hesitate in recommending this wonderful setting to anyone”
Mum of one,  Coney Hall, Mornington


"I  have two children and have had been using Oasis since 2005. There was never one time in all those years where I ever felt anything but extreme happiness in the love and care that they provided to my children. Happily I am pregnant again and I know where this child will be going for its pre-school care and education."
Mum of 2 1/2, Mornington Manor, Mornington


"The girls working in the centre are vary friendly and kind to the children. You never feel as if your children are not with kind loving and lovely people" 

Mum, Foxbury, Bettystown


"I am delighted to have S****e in Oasis!. She loves being there and enjoys every minute"

Mum of four, Northlands, Bettystown


"I know that childcare is a demanding job and I have to say that I feel very comfortable leaving my child in the care of the staff at Oasis"
Mum of 2.5, Grange Rath, Mornington.


"I am very impressed by the kind, welcoming yet professional manner of R*****a's teacher. I feel that she is providing a very nurturing environment for the children with unlimited energy and ideas to encourage all of them"
Mum of three, Bramblewood, Mornington


"J**e is very attached to her teacher. I hope her teacher is just as nice when she starts primary school next year"
Mum of 3, Coney Hall, Mornington


"In my experience I have found nothing about the centre that I would consider to be poor. It feels like a nice family run place that I am happy to leave both my children in"
Mum of two, Coney Hall, Mornington


"In particular, the level of activity and commitment in the Montessori class is excellent"

Mum of three, Sevitt Hall, Bettystown


"We initially choose Oasis because it was close to our home, but now would highly recommend it as we have been very satisfied with the care provided"
Mum of two, Mornington Court, Mornington


"Choosing Oasis was based on my first impression and the welcome offered - since then we have been delighted with the care provided"
Mum of  one, Laytown


"They (Oasis) were more accommodating than any other Crèche we spoke to in the area"

Mum of 2, Mornington Park, Mornington


"We are very impressed with the staff and the care and attention that they provide"
Dad of one, Inse Bay, Laytown


"We chose Oasis by word of mouth rather than any other criteria as you can get the best advice from other parents whose child has attended - they were right - we are very happy!"

Mum of 1, Maples, Bettystown


"We are very happy with the professionalism & friendliness of staff. When our new baby is born he/she will be joining his/her sister there.
Mum of 1.5!, Sevitt Hall, Bettystown









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